How to remain healthy in winter

In the cold season, the risk of getting colds infections increases significantly, as the body is no longer sufficiently protected to cope with a possible illness. To protect the health, each person must take care of proper support of his body as cold season sets in. In winter, vitamins and fruits are not always affordable products for everybody in the amount that is necessary to maintain normal health. Alternatively, they can be replaced with vitamin complexes purchased in a pharmacy. Such products are also good for health, like fresh vegetables or fruits.


However, it is not recommended to “prescribe” such therapies for yourself. Before you start using any complex, you must consult with your doctor. He will appoint exactly the complexes that will correspond to the state of human health, and the work of its components will be aimed at supporting certain organs.

In winter, except for vitamins, fat consumption will be relevant. So, that the body do not to freeze, it needs as much energy as possible to generate heat. During the splitting of fats a greater amount of energy is produced than, for example, during the splitting of glucose. That is why doctors strongly do not recommend to keep to a diet in winter, just advising to get rid of extra pounds.

In winter, the body needs more rest.

In order to maintain your health at the proper level, it is necessary to increase the duration of sleep per day by at least an hour. Starting from spring, you can gradually return to the amount of sleep per day, which was a priority for a person before the beginning of winter.

For a good mood and vitality, sleep is crucial. It is very important to get enough sleep and to go to bed until midnight. Also, it is necessary to be outdoors as often as possible, and pass time proactively, performing moderate physical jerks – this can be running, walking, skiing in the forest or park. Try to stick to a balanced diet and drink natural hot drinks such as tea with hawthorn, wild rose or black currant berries.


Winter is the time to regularly go to the bath house. In addition to health benefits in general, it helps to relieve stress. And, of course, you should always dress according to the weather in order not to overheat or overcool the body. It helps a lot to stay healthy during the cold season.

Even in winter it is especially important to observe the daily regimen. Since daylight hours are shorter, late ups guarantee a lack of melatonin and an excess of cortisol, the second term of which is the stress hormone. If you feel a constant breakdown and apathy, just try to force yourself to get up at least a week at the same time. Food in the winter should be more nutritious. If you desire, you can abandon eating such products as meat, butter, dairy products in summer, but it is better not to risk in the winter.

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